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# Name Why they love E+R...
1 Jen URL They were destined to be together, what else can I say?
2 Laura URL
3 Evelyn URL Because they are just such a cute couple and are meant to be.
4 Evy URL Well, I think they're really romantic .... The true dream couple! I've watched the movie too many times but who cares, I love the movie and I love them!
5 Lizzie They were meant for each other
6 ZeldaBelle URL If I knew why, it probably wouldn't be concidered an obsession. :) I suppose it's just something about the way they are and the way they interact that draws me in.
7 Debora Oh! Because they are so cute together I mean... you've watched the movie right? Besides that they are funny and have such a cute love story!!!! And (yet) Brendan and Rachel do have a lot of chemistry!
8 Gina URL They're sooo romantic i want to be just like them!